Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Which kingdom?

So this is my first ever blog. I have to try and gather the mess of thoughts that run through my head, unravel them, then put them down in written form. Not an easy task I can tell you.
It is very different trying to do this, but I guess it is good to step into unknown territory, even if they are small steps.
I am sat in my car reflecting on an interesting few weeks for us as a church. We are entering a new seasons with new influence & greater responsibility. Are we prepared for it? Am I prepared for it? With greater influence & responsibility comes a stronger temptation to BUILD your own kingdom as opposed to SEEKING God's kingdom. His Kingdom is something that is near, we inherit, enter in to, seek first, pay a price for, work for, considered worthy of, but NOT build. If I am trying to build a kingdom it will probably turn out to be mine.
Keeping my heart humble and after God is my priority.

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  1. It's good to see you finally blogging really liked the thoughts about the Kingdom gives a person something to think about.