Tuesday, 7 December 2010


At this time of writing I am making some drastic changes within our church community. Some of the changes are around structure, some around leadership but some are to get back a few things that I see we have let slide, which are vital to the life of our church.

It feels like the last five years have flown by, going from a small connect group in Starbucks of nine people to two campuses in the north east with about 500 people. It felt like everything we had been doing was right, even in times of immense frustration, we were still on track and doing the right things. BUT in the last six months it has changed from doing everything right, to doing everything wrong. We hadn't changed anything. We had reached a level where what we had been doing was right to get there but was wrong to take us further. My choice was to stay with the familiar or head into the unknown. I decided to choose the later.

The unknown is the path of faith. That's the only thing that pleases God. It is the path that we have followed to get here and the one we choose to take us into our future.
Follow us on the journey.

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  1. Brilliant, love it!

  2. You're an awesome pastor and NCLC is blessed because of your leading!

  3. Sometimes I feel a bit annoyed and down, fustrated about life, which these events shift my eyes towards pleasure to cheer me up than God, but when it comes to your preaching and teaching, I simply cannot stop not thinking about how much God loves me and how much he wants me to success according to his plan. Thank you so much, if this is God's plan for you planting church and pastoring NCLC, growing it and supporting us. Then this is THE plan for out next generation to be saved!