Friday, 5 February 2010

" My name..."

When we are told to ask for things in the name of Jesus what does that really mean? 

Can I get away with asking for whatever I like and then just tagging it with "in the name of Jesus" and so expecting to get what I want.
I have been thinking about this lately and wondered what it means. When we look at what "in the name of Jesus actually means we get another sense of our relationship with Him and how we can expect Him to hear and answer our prayers.

"In the name of Jesus" (or "in my name") is stated several times in both the Old & New Testament. When this phrase is used it is used in the context of someone coming with the authority of the person they are naming. It also implies that they are under the authority of that same person. This is shown in Jesus' interaction with the centurion in Matt 8:9. He understood that only authority he had was that which was given to him. He was not coming in his own name.

When we do or ask for things in the name of Jesus, we need to ask ourselves have we really submitted ourselves to His authority. Do we trust that when He answers, the answer is from His will not ours. If He chooses not answer in our timing are we still under His authority?
  1. Remember that if we are saying things in His name then we should also be under His complete authority.
  2. Remember if we are doing things in His name, are we living in such a way that show we are reflecting the authority that He has over us.
  3. Remember when we ask for things in His name, let's trust that He will give us whatever answer is best for us.


  1. Very much in line with my feelings on the subject, and something that applies to peoples of all faiths as well, if we say we act in the name of God, then we must submit ourselves to His authority.

  2. Excellent blog. This is key and part of a general principal e.g. we become greater as we become a servant, we become richer as we give, we become stronger as we we are weak, we are given everything we want as we submit our desires to him.
    Some go about it the wrong way round, chasing after an answer to prayer rather than chasing after God, knowing that as we aknowledge/submit to God in all our ways he gives us the desires of our heart.

  3. If one of your children came into your lounge and asked your guests to put their empty mugs in the kitchen someone might say "Who says?" If they were able to reply my Dad says so" they would then be asking "in your name" The relationship they have with you gives that credibilty in your guests eyes and the relationship the guests have with you gives it authority. Does our relationship with Jesus give our requests in his name credibilty? Jesus already has all authority. If we know what is on his heart and serving his purposes we can ask in his name with confidence which is not dependant on how loud we pray of what status we may think we have.

  4. TaraEkong
    trust you to challenge Jon!!!
    Very wise words :)