Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Keep my gob shut.

Ever had those times where you wish you hadn't said something? I have found myself in a few of those situations throughout my life...

There are also those times where you are not sure whether you should say something. I am finding I am feeling like that a lot lately. Should I say something to the guy who is always making derogatory comments about his daughter, the woman that does nothing but moan about change, or the wife that complains about her unsaved husband.

Do I have a right to speak into these peoe's lives if they haven't given me permission to do so? Is it worth the antagonism that is likely to ensue. I know that challenge is part of being a pastor and also just part of life but I think one of the issues is choosing the right forums. I guess Twitter is not one of them. Unfortunately the social networking sites are where I really want to open my big fat gob and say what I think because that is where some people tend to do their whinging, gossiping & disparaging comments. Not appropriate or productive. I guess this means that I am actually learning something.

How do you appropriately challenge people?


  1. You pose a challenging question, and I agree with you totally that online is certainly not the place to air this kind of stuff. To speak into someone else's life is an enormous privilege and a serious responsibility that should never be taken lightly. It is not a right. In my view you have to earn that privilege, not by what you say, but how you demonstrate the love of Jesus in the way you live your own life and how you treat others. Easy to say...

  2. One of my contraints is confrontation. In the past I have tended to say nothing but I have now started to say something. Although I do choose my battles wisely.